The dubit: are world powers using artificial rain and drought to wage war? the Dubai ‘case’. The disturbing mystery of forest firest affecting half the world

Two floods in Dubai, in the space of a few weeks,aren't they too many?

Two floods have hit Dubai in recent weeks. For one of the seven United Arab Emirates it is something unusual and very strange. In Oman there were 19 deaths (here is an article from Avvenire). By now everyone knows that cloud seeding, or the artificial insemination of clouds, is widely used in those parts. There are many articles on so-called cloud seeding that can be read online today. For the record, the first to use artificial rainfall were the Israelis and the Americans, especially in the 70s and 80s of the last century (in reality, there were already experiments even before). Then everyone else arrived. In China, for example, this technology has been used for some time. Even if the information today desperately tries to minimize it. And it’s also logical. Because people who have not yet brought their brains to the pile ask themselves a very simple question: if the world powers know how to make large quantities of water fall from the sky, in this or that area of ​​the world, causing floods – how is it happened twice in recent weeks in Dubai – why shouldn’t this technique be used in economic and military wars?

Rereading the droughts and floods of 2021 in light of what is happening in the world today

This question catapults us into reality. The year was 2020, Autumn. China purchased large quantities of cereals on international markets. Some wondered why. Coincidentally, in the following months the weather seemed to go crazy. In Canada, in 2021, a very cold winter was recorded with temperatures reaching -50 degrees centigrade and a very hot summer with temperatures of 50 degrees. 2021 was a disastrous year for Canada and the United States of America, if it is true that they lost around 50% of their wheat and cereal crops in general. Also in 2021, in Europe, in July, deadly floods occurred which caused floods with extensive damage to the environment and agriculture. The price of wheat in the world has skyrocketed in summer 2021. Even the European Commission – which especially in the last ten years has not shone for farsightedness – realized that the situation was worsening. Thus, in the Summer-Autumn 2021, we witnessed a tragicomic scene: the European Union which paid farmers to keep arable land fallow (Set-Aside) simultaneously allocated funds to push European farmers to grow wheat, corn and soy (for the record, without corn and soy it is impossible to raise meat animals and in the last months of 2021 in Europe, in addition to wheat, there was a lack of corn and soy). As already mentioned, in the second half of 2021 the price of world wheat skyrocketed (in Southern Italy, in the space of a few months, the price of durum wheat went from 18-20 euros per quintal to 55-60 euros per quintal quintal).

The forest fires in the world and the presence of fanatical sects who want to eliminate man from the Earth

Is there a link between the negative climate trend of 2021 and human action? There are no proofs, only doubts. On the other hand, scientists are divided. Some say that rising temperatures on Earth – global warming, as it is called – is due to excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere; other scientists maintain that the increase in temperature depends on the Sun. Professor Antonino Zichichi claims that CO2 is responsible, yes or no, for 5% of global warming, while 95% is caused by the Sun. In reality it is not easy to understand what is happening. Because for seven or eight years now, climate change has been accompanied by forest fires in many areas of the world. These are not natural fires but arson. Who is it that sets fire to the forests of half the world? And why? Complicated question and even more complicated answer. Last year, 18 million hectares of forests burned in Canada. A huge surface. And the situation, again in Canada, risks becoming further complicated, if it is true that this year there could be the phenomenon of the so-called ‘zombie fires’, i.e. fires from last year which are still present under the snow and which could explode again from May onwards. If we add to this the fires in other areas of our planet, the situation becomes alarming. On the internet we read that “British, German and Indonesian researchers calculated that the fires released up to 2.57 gigatons of carbon, or 40 percent of the average annual carbon emissions produced by fossil coal” . A second effect must be considered: CO2, let’s put it this way, represents the ‘nutrition’ of plants which, with chlorophyll photosynthesis, transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. But if fire eliminates millions of hectares of forests every year, there will be fewer plants on Earth capable of reducing the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. Consequently, with the forest fires which occur across half the world every year, roughly from May to October, there is an objective increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a greater climacteric effect caused by the CO2 itself: and therefore an increase in temperature on Earth induced by CO2 in a percentage that will increase as forest fires increase. It is not ‘conspiracy theory’ but observation of reality.

Sicily in the crosshairs?
What to say in conclusion? That there are many doubts and few certainties. There is doubt that world powers are using possible climate tampering in the context of ongoing wars. If droughts and floods can be caused, well, why not use them to strike 'enemy' countries? China, as already mentioned, makes full use of artificial cloud seeding. In 2021 - the year of major climate disasters - it was the country that did not have problems related to a lack of wheat and other cereals; just a few fires and a few floods. Russia, again in 2021, had no problems with cereals but had huge problems with fires in Siberia. The simultaneous presence of large forest fires around the world is sobering. And the presence of gangs of fanatics, with great technical and financial capabilities, who aim to destroy the Planet cannot be ruled out. We are not 'conspiracy theorists': we take note of what we read in the international press. The acronym is Voluntary Human Extinction Movement – ​​an organization that fights for the extinction of the human species – it is not our invention. These maniacs consider the human race to be the source of all the world's troubles and are fighting to free the Earth from human presence. Even if they will take us for exaggerations, we are convinced that, in the last three years, these madmen have targeted Sicily, if it is true that forest fires, from 2021 to today, have incinerated almost 50% of Sicilian green areas. We started writing these things in April 2021. And we confess that we are worried about what could happen in the coming months. The siroccata at the end of March and the fire a few days ago in the Randello nature reserve, in the Ragusa area, are not encouraging signs. Plus there are wars destined to directly involve the European Union. The world is sinking and in the European Union they are thinking about the European elections…

Photo above taken from Avvenire

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